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Multigrade teaching guide for Zambian teachers.
Guide for organizing a Multigrade Teaching Workshop in your province,district,zone or school.
What is multigrade teaching ?
Classroom management
Multigrade material development
Tips for the multigrade teacher
Teaching in the multigrade classroom
Survey to assess the impact of a multigrade teaching workshop
Demonstration lesson plan for a multigrade lesson on the subject staggering option
Lesson plans integrated per grade.You can put yourself the lessons in the multigrade way.
More sample lesson preparations. Have a good time.
Lesson preparation book made by students.

Made by Peter Merckx
Education advisor
With the help of the Zambian Teacher Education Departement.



Multinset is a project for inservice of multigrade teaching teachers in Zambia.

A. General objectives of Multigrade Teaching


        Create access to education for all children.

        Bring schools closer to communities.

        Overcome a shortage of teachers.

        Modernize teaching methods.

        Reduce drop-out and repeater rates.

          Increase the participation rate and literacy rates.




B. Manual objectives



   Use a number of planning strategies to organize your multigrade class.

   Develop a scheme of work from the syllabus.

   Develop a weekplan or a lesson plan based on a thematic intergated approach, including objectives found in the syllabus.

   Construct a timebtable for a multigrade class.

   Demonstrate a number of teaching methods which could be used in a multigrade classroom.

   Gather some assessment techniques.




Activity 2

Write down what your expectations are from this manual.

Our Mission

Helping teachers is helping pupils is helping education.

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