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What is multigrade teaching ?
Multigrade teaching guide for Zambian teachers.


Guide for organizing a Multigrade Teaching Workshop in your province,district,zone or school.
What is multigrade teaching ?
Classroom management
Multigrade material development
Tips for the multigrade teacher
Teaching in the multigrade classroom
Survey to assess the impact of a multigrade teaching workshop
Demonstration lesson plan for a multigrade lesson on the subject staggering option
Lesson plans integrated per grade.You can put yourself the lessons in the multigrade way.
More sample lesson preparations. Have a good time.
Lesson preparation book made by students.


ultigrade teaching involves the teaching of children from two or more grade levels in one classroom.

Such contexts requires the employment of particular teaching methodologies and classroom administration.

Since Multigrade classes are smaller and can be established more cheaply than complete schools, they can be more numerous, therefore more dispersed and thus located closer to the settlements where the children live. This means both that younger children can attend and that the time children spend travelling between school and home can be reduced to an acceptable level. This in turn means that there is sufficient time outside school hours for the children to continue to contribute to the family's economic activity . Attending school is therefore likely to be more acceptable to the families concerned, and thus both increase the number of children receiving education and reduce the failure rate.

Multigrade schools, being smaller and more dispersed, would enjoy much closer links with the smaller communities that they would be set up to serve.

This would have a very positive effect on local attitudes and access to education.

The professional teacher is a key resource person in the Multigrade context. The local content is a significant part of the curriculum, it is particularly important to resolve the issue of appointing well-trained and locally-oriented teachers.


Activity 1

 Will pupils in a MTG classroom all perform at the same level?

To learn more about Multigrade Teaching in Zambia


Be a partner of multinset.
Multigrade teachers need teaching materials, textbooks and training.
The multigrade pupils need textbooks and multigrade activity books.
The multigrade schools need blackboards, chalk and classrooms.

This manual is written for the use in the classroom, to help develop a multigrade teachers multigrade skills.

After each content ( that you have to read very well) there are some activities to complete, please write the answers on a different sheet.

You are free to put in your own comments, they are welcome and we will take them in consideration.

We wish you all the best and we are shore you will become a good Multigrade Teacher (MTGT).